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The Anderwood Weissenborn Company is a UK-based family run business that specialises in handmade and hand-crafted acoustic lap steel guitars.

With over 60 years of luthiering among our small team, and building on Anderwood’s long history of producing outstanding instruments, dealing directly with our customers to offer fantastic service, and always pricing competitively, we’ve taken on the ultimate challenge and recreated an original Weissenborn c.1927, exact down to the very last detail.

Getting to grips and really, truly understanding the originals was a massive task, something that might seem quite simple at first (to make a copy!) but it was not until we started to dissect the old models that the real weight of what we had undertaken hit home. With so many hurdles to overcome, not just in understanding the methods and techniques used in the 1920s, but also sourcing the correct timbers for the period, it took us over 2 years and many, many prototypes before being satisfied we had every detail spot on and really had unlocked the secrets of Hermann Weissenborn and his beautiful guitars.

We’re very proud to be hand-making every last detail from scratch in our workshop here in Britain, where authenticity is paramount. Each of our Authentic series is built and finished in the old way to the very highest standard by our UK team. Each luthier is assigned to a model from start to finish resulting in exceptionally refined, hand-built instruments.

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Hand-selected Timbers

All the timbers we use in our Authentic Series have been carefully sourced and hand selected to be of only the finest quality and historically accurate for the period. Every attention to detail is made to make sure all the woods we use are dried and worked in the old style.  

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The Build

To create the Authentic Series, we have painstakingly researched and copied, to the finest detail, every aspect of the original Weissenborns and the way in which they were built. 

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